Sprout Smart: Streamlining Garden Planning with the SeedTime App

SeedTime is a uniquely designed gardening app that helps farmers plan their gardens based on location or microclimate. It features an inbuilt journal, calendar, checklist, and a thriving community of gardeners and farmers on Facebook. 

Recognizing the time-consuming and overwhelming nature of planning for farmers and gardeners, Edwin and Paul Dysinger set out on a mission to develop an app that addresses the specific needs of farmers. The result is SeedTime, a powerful tool designed to streamline planning processes and save valuable time. With SeedTime, users can efficiently plan and visualize every step of their farming journey. This user-friendly garden planner encompasses a range of thoughtfully crafted features, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for farmers and gardeners alike.

One of the features is a simple yet powerful calendar that allows users to organize their gardens based on their current location. The app recommends the ideal time to seed, transport, and harvest based on what the farmer intends to plant. In addition, users can customize the calendar and adjust their planting schedules.

SeedTime also automatically generates a daily or weekly task list from the gardening calendar. The feature ensures that gardeners are always up to date with essential tasks or dates, helps them manage their time, and ensures that nothing gets missed or forgotten. By ensuring that all tasks are completed within the appropriate timelines, the app assists farmers in achieving high yields and enjoying every step of the process, from planting to harvesting. 

Journaling is another crucial feature of the app. Compared to random sticky notes and notebooks, the SeedTime journal simplifies record-keeping for farmers. They can track their garden records using tag entries and link them to specific plantings in their calendar plan. Additionally, they can add pictures and edit notes. 

As a beta app, the garden planner continues to add more features. One of the latest features is a SeedTime store. While planning is vital, selecting the best fertilizers and seeds also plays a significant role in achieving high yields and overcoming common challenges. Luckily, users of SeedTime can easily access flower, herb, and vegetable seeds from reputable brands such as True Leaf Market and High Mowing Organic Seeds. Additionally, they can shop natural pest and disease control products and organic fertilizers – directly from within the app. 

The creators of SeedTime understand that farmers thrive when they have a community of people who share their interests and values. Farmers, homesteaders, and gardeners can ask questions, get updates about the app (such as new updates), and share or see other people’s updates. Furthermore, the app offers a comprehensive masterclass video lesson series that guides farmers from gardening basics to becoming successful.

“This app is great and continues to get better and better,” noted a user. “The folks that are creating are wonderful and are soooo open to creating an app based on feedback from the US! I so want these guys to be successful. They are planning to add the capability to work on a visual basis, which is major for me.”

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