Champaign, IL – QC Kinetix (Champaign) offers regenerative medicine services to patients suffering from joint pain and related discomforts. The clinic uses its highly specialized and natural treatment approach to help patients avoid the high cost, risks, and complications associated with invasive procedures like surgeries. With its minimally invasive treatment approach, more patients have regained control of their lives, enjoy an improved range of motion, and a boost in their overall wellness.

Speaking on why more people should consider regenerative medicine as a viable alternative to surgical procedures in the treatment of joint-related conditions, the clinic’s spokesperson, Scott Hoots, noted that regenerative medicine is changing the face of joint pain treatment and care. He added that more patients can now enjoy quicker recoveries with shorter downtimes through regenerative medicine treatments. He also added that patients stand a better chance of enjoying more long-term benefits that prevent the recurrence of the problem due to the body’s natural healing ability.

Welcoming patients with acute, sub-acute, and chronic joint pain problems to the QC Kinetix (Champaign) clinic, the clinic’s lead treatment provider noted that they use minimally invasive treatment strategies that rely on the body’s natural healing abilities. He noted that their goal is to remind the body of its innate repair-ability, ensuring the problem is dealt with from the ground up and not just on the surface.

The clinic’s lead treatment provider maintained that their treatment plan is holistic and personalized to each patient’s unique needs. He added that patients would enjoy an in-depth consultation service at the start of their treatment to inform the providers of the best strategies to adopt. The treatment plan will also be dynamic, first, focusing on the painful symptoms experienced by the patient and later tending towards providing the essential building blocks to repair affected joints and deliver long-term wellness to patients.

Through regenerative medicine Champaign, QC Kinetix (Champaign) has successfully treated an array of conditions and symptoms, including knee pain, elbow and shoulder pain, ankle, wrist, and low back pain, hip pain, arthritis-related pain, finger and toe pain, foot and hand pain, as well as tendon, ligament, and muscle pain.

Patients can rest assured that they won’t have to worry about highly invasive treatments that’ll leave them confined to their beds for weeks. Instead, the clinic uses treatment procedures like Class IV Laser Therapy, a non-invasive photo-stimulation therapy that concentrates laser energy on affected body areas. The therapy combats inflammation, improves relief from pain, and encourages restoration.

Start the joint pain healing journey with QC Kinetix (Champaign) by scheduling an appointment via phone at (217) 689-5882 or by visiting their website. The clinic is located at 410 E University Ave, Suite 102, Champaign, IL, 61820, US.

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