Seaport Pest Solutions Offers Premium Pest Control Services Using the Principles of Integrated Pest Management in Hartford, CT

West Hartford, CT – Seaport Pest Solutions is dedicated to providing pest control treatments that are designed to be tough on pests and safe on homes, families, and pets. The company has a regular program that targets common pest concerns and extra programs that target specific issues.

The company handles a variety of pests including bugs, ants, wasps, spiders, critters, and more. Seaport Pest Solutions also offers add-on programs that target specific issues such as termite monitoring, moisture control, mosquito reduction, mole remediation, rat control, and more.

Pests escaping the summer heat hide in homes where they continue feeding and nesting. Seaport Pest Solutions helps clients defend their homes through treatments that are designed to address seasonal pest issues while stopping pest activity before it begins.

Seaport Pest Solutions offers treatments that protect property and preserve health. Pest control also offers peace of mind since it keeps pests from interfering with daily activities. Some pests can be dangerous due to venomous bites and allergens while some can spread serious diseases and contaminants. Other pests such as ants can damage homes and decrease property value. 

Seaport Pest Solutions offers general pest control with a variety of methods that ensure clients’ homes are safe. They use traps and baits, web and nest removal, exclusion, perimeter liquid application, pre-treat eaves, and extended perimeter granules. Other methods include spot treatment using advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM), corners, interior cracks, crevice treatments, and wall injections.

The pest expert has a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are experts in Integrated Pest Management. This method involves the use of fewer products and more insights. These include identifying and correcting conducive conditions, intelligent deterrence and exclusion, prevention education and minimized product usage. 

The technicians offer home visits which include a detailed discussion on pest activity. During treatment, they follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management and only use small amounts of the best products in the right places.

The technicians always review the situation where they explain the pest activity that was found and the treatment. Additionally, they also offer advice and insightful tips that a client can use to reduce future pest activity.

A client had this to say about their services, “I am a business owner myself and it’s nice to come across other businesses who actually care about their customers. Seaport Pest Solutions has been exceptional.”

Seaport Pest Solutions’ mission is to promote and provide positive solutions and services that enhance the overall quality of their client’s life. The company has recurrent services for different seasons where they visit to stay ahead of the pests by rotating products and adjusting for different seasonal threats. 

Seaport Pest Solutions is located at 38 Cody St., West Hartford, CT, 06110, US. To schedule a consultation or make other inquiries, call the company at 7756362906. Visit their website at for detailed information on their services.

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