Arabic News is a weekly English-language weekly newspaper printed in Saudi Arabia. It is issued from Riyadh.
The target readers of this paper that is issued in large-scale broadsheet are business executives, diplomats and businessmen. This is a highly respected newspaper among businessmen and entrepreneurs in the Middle East. This newspaper is distributed throughout the world by an international network of distribution companies. There are many newspapers available in the world today, but Arabic News stands out due to the quality and authority it provides to its readers.

A number of companies in the US and Europe distribute Arab News, but the main print is distributed in Saudi Arabia by International News. The most popular language of this newspaper is Arabic, with a few words of English, French, Spanish and Hindi. Arabic News has many prominent features that distinguish it from other newspapers in its niche. Its format includes two columns with the left-hand column devoted to an introduction, while the right-hand column provides an overview of the issue. The main section of this paper features an editorial called the “Gleanings,” which provides an overview of current affairs from the point of view of Islamic law.
It is a rarity to find any other language, besides Arabic, being published in various newspapers and magazines worldwide. This does not mean that there is no translation done for this paper, as a few translations have been made for this newspaper. Most Arabic News is also widely circulated throughout the world by radio and television broadcasts. A small percentage of English translations have also been made for this publication.
The editors and reporters of this Arabic news publication use Arabic to write and say what they want to say. The Arabic language is written using different forms such as Quranic verses, that (quranic verses), Qur’an and Koran. In addition, it includes several dialects such as Standard Arabic, Cockney, Standard American and others. Due to the fact that the translators are using the Arabic language, this publication has the advantage of being easy to read and understand.
Another positive aspect of this Arabic News is the fact that this publication does not publish any cartoons or any offensive language. As the publisher has a complete control on how this publication should be published, he is free to say what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. This freedom of expression is highly appreciated by many who read this publication.

By Arlene Huff

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